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8M Class Rules

Version 1 - 29/01/2022

NOTE these rules are initially based on the standard 8M yacht that was manufactured for Poole RYC. The primary purpose of these rules is to regulate all 8 metre boats used for racing to be equal in all characteristics that effect performance.

No modifications or additions or substitutions shall be made to any supplied boat part unless it is specifically detailed in this document.

Radio Equipment Only two channels of radio equipment may be used. (one for the sails and one for the rudder), receiver telemetry is allowed.

Sailing Weight
The boat and rig in sailing condition must weigh between 7.00 and 7.5Kgs.

Authorised modifications to a standard boat

Cosmetic Alterations
The hull may be flatted down and painted if desired.

The drawing in of a planked deck and additions of scale like cabins is permitted (total sailing weight must not be compromised). Any flatting down process must not alter the profile of any component. Rubbing strips can be added to the upper hull side where it meets the deck.

A modification to the rear of the keel to stop weed catching on the lower rudder mount may be made provided it is no larger than 20mm fore/aft and 10mm wide and does not extend more than 5mm below the keel. The rudder blade can be increased slightly to maintain control downwind. Max sizes tbd.

Electronic and electro mechanical fittings
The sail and rudder servos may be replaced. The material and dimensions of the arm may be altered.

Running rigging can be from any suitable material but adjustments to running rigging must be made by bowsie or sliding grommets only.

Jib topping lift may incorporate a method to stop it catching on the spreaders if desired. The shrouds must be adjusted by turnbuckles. Jib counterweight may be added if desired. It must not exceed 20gms in weight or its foremost part extend more than 60mm from the end of the boom.

Foresail swivel may be replaced with a ballraced device, or a line may be used.

Kicker (vang) may be replaced with one of a different design but should only be adjusted manually and should not incorporate a vertical plate.

The attachment point of the backstay to the deck may be moved if desired.

Rig and sails
If the spars are replaced, they must be of round section aluminium alloy with an external diameter of 11.1 mm +/- 1mmfor the mast, 10mm +/-1mm for the booms.

The measurement from the mast cap to the stern of the boat with no tension in the backstay shall not be less than 1470mm.

The booms must not visibly deviate from straight when not loaded.

The mast shall have no forward prebend. (i.e. shall be straight when there is no forestay and back stay tension).

Rigging, maximum number of 4 shrouds (2 per side) and one set of spreaders.

Masthead crane to have a maximum length of 60mm in aluminium alloy. Backstay line can be any material but must be adjusted with a bowsie.

Replacement sails are limited to those produced by Housemartin Sails.

Sails may have coloured corner reinforcement patches. Luff tapes may also be coloured.

Tell tales may be attached to the sails and rigging.

Mainsail Details Min (mm) Max (mm)
Luff Length 1275 1285
Leech Length 1325 1335
Head Width 20
Foot Length 380 390
1/3rd Width 275 285
2/3rd Width 155 165
Shall have 2 battens of length no greater than 80mm at the position of the seams.
Batten Width 10
Cringles 10 diameter
Reinforcement patches 125 from corner
Seam width 10

Jib Details Min (mm) Max (mm)
Luff Length 1050 1060
Leech Length 1010 1020
Foot Length 280 290
Head Width 20
Cringles 10
Reinforcement patches 125 from corner
Seam Width 10
Battens None

Sails shall not deviate below a straight line joining the tack and clew.

The material shall be 50 micron film.

Sail Numbers

Initially as supplied, but to be increased to 100mm height on new sails.

Alterations to standard rules of sailing

Boats will be permitted to make contact with buoys marking the course (with the exception of those marking the start and finish line) without being required to do a penalty turn.

Last updated 19:49 on 10 June 2024

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